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¡Comunícate! Las letras de las canciones pop

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Libro ¡Comunícate! Las letras de las canciones pop

Pop on over, pop open this book, and pop into the world of pop song lyrics! Pop is short for popular, and pop songs are the ones that everyone is singing. But what makes them pop? And how much popping does it take until everyone wants to sing along? This Spanish nonfiction book breaks down what makes a successful pop song, and will keep students engaged in reading as they build their literacy, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Important text features include a glossary, index, and table of contents. The Reader's Guide and culminating activity require students to connect back to the text as they develop their higher-order thinking skills. Check It Out! provides resources for additional reading and learning. With TIME For Kids content, this book aligns with national and state standards and will keep grade 3 students reading from cover to cover.

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