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Sofía Reyes

Sinopsis del Libro

Libro Sofía Reyes

SOFIA REYES: Explore fascinating facts about up-and-coming Mexican musician Sofía Reyes! She is on her way to becoming one of the top Latin Pop Stars in the world, but has she always loved music? Let's get to know Sofía Reyes! STARS OF LATIN POP: This photo-filled biography series follows the journeys, careers, and passions of some of the biggest names in Latin Pop. Discover the accomplishments that make them some of the top musicians today! INCLUDES: This 32-page high-interest book for striving readers in grades 4–9 features text in both English and Spanish. Glossary words are defined on the page where they appear, boosting reader comprehension! It also includes after-reading questions and activities. BENEFITS: Side-by-side English and Spanish text promotes bilingual literacy! Learning about these big names in the world of Latin Pop is sure to engage, entertain, and keep readers coming back for more. WHY ROURKE: Since 1980, we’ve been committed to bringing out the best nonfiction books to help you bring out the best in your young learners. Our carefully crafted topics encourage all students who are "learning to read" and "reading to learn"!

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Sofía Reyes

Libro Sofía Reyes

Book Features: • 32 pages, about 7 inches x 9 inches • Ages 8-14, Grades 3-8 Latin bi-lingual themed leveled readers • Simple, easy-to-read pages with vibrant illustrations • Features side-by-side English and Spanish text • After-reading questions and activities included The Magic Of Reading: Introduce children to the magic of reading, culture, and music with Sofía Reyes: Stars of Latin Pop/Estrellas del Pop Latino. The 32-page book features vibrant photos and interesting facts about the beloved superstar. Stars Of Latin Pop: Sofía Reyes is an award-winning Mexican singer that's...

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