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California en el siglo XX: Read-along ebook

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Libro California en el siglo XX: Read-along ebook

Take a tour of the world's most fascinating landmarks! The Gateway Arch, Big Ben, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Sydney Opera House are just a few of the landmarks that students will learn about in this high-interest book. This nonfiction math book combines math and literacy skills, and uses real-life examples of problem solving to teach subject area content. The full-color images, engaging sidebars, practice problems, and math diagrams make learning arithmetic concepts relevant and fun. Text features include a table of contents, glossary, and index to increase understanding of math and reading concepts. An in-depth problem-solving section provides additional learning and practice opportunities while challenging students' higher-order thinking skills.

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Número de páginas 32


  • Nicole M. Korte


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