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Cecilia Y Miguel Son Mejores Amigos

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Libro Cecilia Y Miguel Son Mejores Amigos

Cecilia and Miguel are best friends, and have been since the third grade when he gave her bunny ears in the class picture. Their life-long friendship is recorded in warm recollections of bike races and soccer games, beach time and fishing from the pier. Their closeness endures separation, "even when he drove north to college and she drove west." The relationship evolves and grows, but remains strong even when ... he dropped the ring and she found it inside her flan ... he set up one crib and she told him they need two ... the twins climb into their bed and beg for another story. In this celebration of friendship, best friends forgive mistakes, share adventures and--sometimes--even become family! Popular children's book author Diane Gonzales Bertrand teams up with illustrator Thelma Muraida to create an album of memories that reflect their shared Mexican-American childhood in San Antonio, Texas: swinging at birthday party pinatas, breaking cascarones over friends' heads and dancing at quinceaneras. Young children are sure to giggle at the adventures of Cecilia and Miguel, and they'll be prompted to ask about their parents' relationship as well as explore their own.

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