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Nuestra Declaración de Derechos: Compartir y reutilizar (Our Bill of Rights: Sharing and Reusing)

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Libro Nuestra Declaración de Derechos: Compartir y reutilizar (Our Bill of Rights: Sharing and Reusing)

Computer science is all around us, at school, at home, and in the community. This book gives readers the essential tools they need to understand the computer science concept of reusing resources and knowledge. Brilliant color photographs and accessible text will engage readers and allow them to connect deeply with the concept. The computer science topic is paired with an age-appropriate curricular topic to deepen readers' learning experience and show how reusing resources and knowledge can be helpful in the real world. In this book, readers learn about the Bill of Rights and how parts of it can be reused and shared for other purposes. This nonfiction book is paired with the fiction book My Class Government (ISBN: 9781538353141). The instructional guide on the inside front and back covers provides: Vocabulary, Background knowledge, Text-dependent questions, Whole class activities, and Independent activities.

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Número de páginas 28


  • Mitchell Allen


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